Meeting Robin Hood in Nottingham | England

Robin Hood is one of the most loved stories of all time. In Nottingham, England you can meet Robin Hood and Little John and immerse yourself in the story at The Robin Hood Experience.

Robin Hood invited seven-year-old Madison (a travel journalist and history lover) for a behind-the-scenes look at the story of Robin Hood. If you’ve ever loved this story, this video is for you!

FEATURED HOST: Robin Hood Experience (Nottingham, England UK)

The Robin Hood Experience is an interactive journey back through time to the world of Robin Hood. Meet a peasant family and learn what Robin Hood means to them, let Friar Tuck regale you with the tale of how he and Robin first met, stand trial before the Sheriff of Nottingham and travel to Sherwood Forest to hear how Robin and his friends humiliated the Sheriff! Along your journey, you will experience the sights, the sounds and the smells of Medieval Nottingham and meet all your favorite characters brought to life through the magic of Cinematic Hologram Technology so lifelike you’ll believe they are the real thing!


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