Captured On Location in 100 Cities, Across 50 Countries

It’s a whole new way of thinking about education. Travel. Adventure. Storytelling. Kids learning directly from the experts. Adventure Family Journal’s show has it all.

Join Janelle, a TV show producer and experience designer with a long history in the field of education; and Jedd, a creative story-teller and film-maker. Together, they are on a journey around the world for three years as they film their four young journalists engaging with experts about seven important topics.


Today, a child’s education doesn’t need to be limited to classrooms and textbooks. Now, education can be augmented (or even defined by) extensive travel and hands-on adventures. Instead of only reading about things in books, kids are able to go and experience the world for themselves!

Janelle Schroy, Producer of Adventure Family Journal


On the show, the on-screen talent are the four little girls you see above: Peyton, Devyn, Madison and Reagan. They represent children throughout the world who want to learn through new experiences, especially travel! These girls travel, not just to see the world around them, but to engage one-on-one with experts. They learn from them; and then share their discoveries with other families through their short films.

There are seven key topics covered on the show, all outlined below. But first, check out the exciting itinerary of where the filmings are taking place.

Topic: World Landmarks | Lead Journalist: Reagan

The Eiffel Tower, The White House, The Pyramids of Egypt, The Great Wall of China. In this series of 50 videos, nine-year-old Reagan features as she explores world landmarks in 50 countries and shares with the audience about each landmark’s history, significance, and impact on humanity.

Topic: World Science | Lead Journalist: Madison

Paleontology, Marine Biology, Geology, Genomics, Coding, Biotechnology, Engineering, and the list goes on. In this series of 100 videos, seven-year-old Madison features as she interviews and works alongside experts in many different fields of science. She engages with scientists and others as each expert shares what they do and how it affects us as humans.

Topic: World Food | Lead Journalist: Devyn

Top Chefs. Culinary Institutes, Estates, Food Foraging, Plantations, Processing Plants. In this series of 100 films, five-year-old aspiring chef, Devyn, goes behind the scenes with some of the world’s finest (and / or favorite!) chefs, while cooking, shopping, baking and exploring the wide world of flavors.

Topic: World Arts & Music | Lead Journalist: Reagan

Fashion Designers, Broadway Performers, Musicians, Ballerinas, Painters, Sculptors. In this series of 100 videos, nine-year-old Reagan interviews both visual and performing artists about their work, and learns some of their craft alongside them, while in their real work environment.

Topic: World Adventure Sports | Lead Journalist: Madison

Kayaking. Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Sailing, Skiing, Surfing, and more. In this series of 50 videos, seven-year-old Madison gets real eye-openers: learning just what it takes to tackle the world of adventure sports – from gear to glory. Alongside expert climbers, divers and other adventure professionals, she tries their trade and shares her learnings with the world.

Topic: World Animals | Lead Journalist: Devyn

Whales. Ostriches. Kangaroos. Pandas. Tigers. Koalas. In this series of 50 films, five-year-old Devyn goes on adventures alongside animal experts, specifically focusing on animals who are loved by the locals in each city. Together with an expert, she explores the habitats, behaviors, and concerns about each kind of animal. Devyn shares ways we can all help to make the world a better place for our animal friends.

Topic: World Play Spaces | Lead Journalist: Peyton

America. Italy. Morocco. Australia. Argentina, and 45 more countries. The world is filled with fascinating play spaces for kids. From forests to gardens, beaches to parks, this series of 50 films features two-year-old Peyton as she journeys the globe in search of the most interesting play spaces, and shares the journey so other kids can see too.

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The journey to create 500 Films for Families started in May 2019 and will be completed by December 2021. Follow Adventure Family Journal on YouTube and don’t miss an episode!

Young families are our focus because kids are the future of our world. Not every family has the time and means to travel, so we are bringing the world to them! We are releasing new short films every three days. Together, parents and kids watch and learn together from the show, furthering both learning and family bonding.

Jedd Schroy, Cinematic Film Maker for Adventure Family Journal

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