What People Do Collection

Educational videos for kids about what people do: reporters, firefighters, pilots, philanthropists and more.

Explore & Discover Collection

Science and history focused educational videos for kids such as how crystal is made, volcanoes in Hawaii, how helicopters work and more.

Food & Farming Collection

Educational videos for kids about how things are farmed, and how to cook and bake foods from around the world.

Amazing Animals Collection

Videos for kids about interesting animals around the world: tigers, ostriches, dolphins, whales, butterflies, and more.

Music & Art Collection

Learning videos for kids about art such as painting, making doll’s clothes, making a violin, working with clay, upcycling, and more.

Awesome Sports Collection

Educational videos of courageous kids learning sports: scuba diving, wind-surfing, caving, skiing, parasailing, and more.

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