Open Letter to All Airbnb Owners

Dear Airbnb Hosts,

First of all, can I just give you a round of applause? You open your homes, your hearts, and occasionally bring us fresh figs from your garden, and for that, we’re eternally grateful. But let’s talk about how you can go from good to great, from a boring “it was a nice stay” to an “I’ll tell all my network about it” kind of stay.

Be Honest

If your listing says “spacious and sunny,” we don’t want to find ourselves in a windowless house. Show me the truth in your listing. When your opening photo is of a local beach instead of your home, I’m not clicking any further. Show me the home.

Leave a Welcome Gift

A small welcome gift goes a long way. Freshly baked cookies, a bottle of locally sourced lemonade for the kids, or a selection of teas and coffees can really make our day. By the way, when our kids are delighted, we’re already writing that ultra-positive, post-stay review in our minds.

Keep it Sparkling Clean

Let’s be real, nobody wants to find the cleaning team’s pizza box under the kitchen sink (but I definitely have — eeww.) A sparkling clean space is non-negotiable. If our kids can play on your floor without concern, you’re doing it right.

Deliver an Experience

When we book your place, we’re not just looking for a bed to crash on. We’re after an experience, an adventure, or a story to tell at our next virtual book club. How can you make that happen?

Make it Homey

We want to sink into your space and feel immediately at home. Invest in good quality bedding, plump up those pillows, and throw in a few cozy blankets. Add a basket of fun toys for the kids or a stash of family board games. Trust me, we’ll notice!

Explain the House Rules

Tell us what we can and cannot do, but do it in a friendly way. Clear, visible house rules help prevent any awkward misunderstandings. We want to be good guests, seriously! Just tell us so we can respect the home.

Let Us in on Hidden Gems

You’re the gatekeeper of hidden gems, the curator of cozy corners, and the unofficial mayor of your neighborhood (to us, anyway!) You set the tone for our entire experience in your area — and no pressure — but we’re counting on you to help make it amazing.

Unique Experiences

Partner with local businesses or offer unique experiences. A wine tasting tour, a cooking class with a local chef, or a discount at a nearby restaurant can make our stay unforgettable.

Are You Tech Ready?

Decent Wi-Fi is a must, but consider throwing in some charging stations and universal adapters. Travellers come with gadgets and we need them to work. When we can’t, we can get cranky very quickly.

Emergency Plan

We want to have an emergency plan, just in case. Provide a list of emergency contacts, the nearest hospital, and clear instructions on what to do if things go sideways. You don’t want yoru guests thinking, “Where is the fire extinguisher or first-aid kit hiding in here?”

Think Like a Guest

A little extra effort goes a long way. Sharp cooking knives (because who can chop with a dull knife?), cutting boards, a pair of oven mitts, air fresheners in the bathrooms, dry wood ready for the fireplace, and a decent coffee maker can make a world of difference.

Negotiate with Us

When it’s a few days before the stay and you don’t have any bookings, be open to people who ask for a discount in exchange for filling your open dates. Some money is better than NO money, right? When my offer comes, say yes (or at least counter-offer)!

So, there you have it. That’s our thoughts on how to make your Airbnb EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Your home is the backdrop of our adventures, the cozy nest we return to after a day of exploring. Your efforts, big and small, make all the difference. So, thank you for opening your doors to us, and for making our travels delightful.

Keep being amazing. We can’t wait to stay with you.

Warmest regards,
A Traveling Mom

P.S. I’ve done 200+ Airbnb stays across 45 countries while traveling full time with four kids and my husband, so this letter comes with some serious experience!

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