It’s our joy to collaborate with brands and platforms as we do our best to make a powerful contribution to the fields of travel, education, and eco-tourism. Contact us by emailing for a conversation if you’ve got a possible brand partnership in mind. We’d love to jump on a zoom call and discuss ideas.



Epic is streaming Adventure Family Journal! Epic is the world’s largest online library of kids’ books / educational videos for ages 2 – 14. Epic is being used in 98% of America’s schools by over 1 million educators to inform and educate kids.


Sensical TV is streaming Adventure Family Journal for kids ages 2 – 12 years old. We are proud to be part of this amazing platform powered by Common Sense Media.


KidsBeeTV is streaming Adventure Family Journal! KidsBeeTV is for kids ages 2 – 6 years old. It’s awesome to be featured on such a fun, safe platform for little ones


Imagine a world where ‘school’ is a network, not a building. Where connection and learning are one in the same. That’s Kubrio for kids ages 8 – 18 and our older girls are proud Kubrio students.


Check out how our collaboration with Delta Air Lines pilot Erika Jackman in Seattle became useful in their pilot career path program and in Delta’s community outreach.

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Find out how our feature of Waterford Crystal in Ireland highlights the science behind the making of this iconic brand’s iconic crystal, making a nice marketing piece for the company.

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Learning how our collaboration with Dolphin Quest in Hawaii is bringing in views on their YouTube channel and driving interest in dolphin conservation.

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Learn how our collaboration with Museum of Underwater Sculpture Aiya Napa in Cyprus is giving their social media feeds a boost while offering teachers a way to teach this unique art form to their students.

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Learn how our collaboration with Kona Salt Farm in Hawaii is being used in farmer’s markets to show customers how sea salt is harvested, leading to sales and education.

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Reading Eggs & Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggs is one of our favorite educational apps! They have created an app where our girls have learned to read fluently. Our girls have loved learning from the hundreds of activities, games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards in the Reading Eggs program.

Once they each finish the Reading Eggs program, they move on to Reading Eggspress on the same app. It is geared for older children (7-13) to encourage fluent reading via the more than 3,000 books in the e-library.

This is why the programs on this app have successfully taught more than 20 million children to read worldwide, including our kids: Reagan, Madison, Devyn and Peyton. Highly recommended from our personal experience.

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